Other Groups of Interest

During our research, we have discovered various like-minded groups, who, while they do not consider themselves to be micro-nations, have similar community values, pursuit of sovereignty and the spirit of independence that we want to foster. Some of these appear below, and more will be added over time.

Camelot Connect

This group, based in South West England, has a simple philosophy: “We are a caring and compassionate humanitarian mutual support group whose members take responsibility for themselves and each other in all areas of life whilst seeking to set an example of a good way of life for all”.

What we like about them: They appear to uphold individual strengths and talents, while supporting each other to help their community of like-minded people grow in knowledge and skills, in preparation for a more community-minded, simpler and self-sufficient future.

See: https://camelotconnect.org/ [accessed 23/08/2022].

Indigenous World

This is a charity organisation aimed at connecting people to the unique arts, culture, ideas and identities of indigenous people, founded by Kanerah’taro:roks Kimberly Terrance, an indigenous cultural knowledge maker, community development advocate and entrepreneur, and member of Mohawks of Akwesasne. Read more here: https://indigenousworld.org/ [accessed 14/08/2022].

They also have a directory of indigenous arts, businesses and organisations: https://indigenousworld.org/indigenous-directory/ [accessed 14/08/2022].

The Seasteading Institute

The Seasteading Institute is a think-tank working on the concept of politically autonomous, socially organised floating ocean cities with shared community values, as an antidote to the archaic institution of states and governance. Their seasteading cities are still in R&D phase. See: https://www.seasteading.org/ [accessed 23/08/2022].

They have numerous videos about the concept here: https://odysee.com/@Seasteading:8 [accessed 14/08/2022], including this introduction video:

The Eight Great Moral Imperatives: The Seasteading Institute argues that independent sea cities can solve some of the world’s most pressing crises, including enriching the poor, curing the sick, feeding the hungry, cleaning the atmosphere, restoring the oceans, living in balance with nature, powering the world, and living in peace. Read more here: https://www.seasteading.org/the-eight-great-moral-imperatives/ [accessed 14/08/2022].