Our Heraldic Crest

Colour Symbology

Purple: Royal majesty, sovereignty and justice.

Self-determination means we are each our own kings, standing in our own power as sovereigns, but we also need to be considerate of others and ensure fairness and justice in our interactions.

Gold/Yellow: Generosity and elevation of mind.

Our values are to treat everyone in our communities and micro-nation with respect, kindness and generosity. We believe that decentralised, autonomous and self-determined communities within micro-nations, outside of centrally controlled states and governance, are essential for the survival of humans on Earth.

Orange: Worthy ambition.

We know that building communities with shared values of kindness, fairness, justice, truth and peace are worth us putting our energy and love into.

Green: Hope, joy and loyalty in love.

What would we be without hope and joy – positivity and looking forward are key to what we aim to achieve. Loyalty to our families, friends and communities means we move forward not only for ourselves, but for those around us who we love.

Components and Symbols

💜Shield: When borne on the arms, represents the defender.

Our shield is not borne on the arms, hence is representative of preparedness for defence, without being warlike.

Sword(s): Justice and military honour.

Our two swords are depicted behind the shield, pointing down and in perfect symmetry, representing arms laid down but in a state of readiness [offensive, not defensive], strategy, planning and organisation.

🦊Fox: One who will use all that he/she may possess of wisdom and wit in his/her own defense.

We believe in defending the principles of our new nation and communities using our own wisdom, wit, humour and communication skills, rather than conflict or violence, as far as possible.

🦌Deer: One who will not fight unless provoked; peace and harmony.

This ties into our values of promoting peace not war, and solving conflict through peaceful negotiation where possible.

🌳Oak tree: Great age and strength; heroism and victory.

Oak trees, especially very ancient ones, seem to possess a solidity and conscious wisdom passed down over aeons on planet Earth.

Oak trees are very special to us; ‘Drunemeton’ is a combination word, meaning oak tree grove or sanctuary.

🌰Acorns (and oak leaf): Antiquity and strength. Continuous growth and fertility.

We feel that we already have age-old wisdom and skills available in those within our community and future members – we simply have to harness these to grow our communities for the benefit of us all.

🐝Bee: Efficient industry.

Not only do we wish to honour the bee as an example of hardworking intelligence and shared skills for an integrated community, but we love bees and wanted to uphold the importance of insects and other wildlife for ecosystems in the natural world.

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