Community Interest Projects

We plan to be both knowledge- and action-oriented, and keep moving forward, for the benefit of our communities and nation. That’s why we encourage members of our nation to join one of our Community Interest Project (CIP) groups, or set up a new one, around their time, skills and knowledge, in order for us to research and develop all aspects of self-sufficient communities, with the aim of eventually creating and living within these communities.

Some CIPs may be more knowledge-oriented, involving information/researching/writing/learning/teaching; while others may be more action-oriented, involving doing/making/growing/building/demonstrating.

We envisage that these project groups will regularly report back and/or present findings and developments to the rest of us, preferably in person, so we all stay informed and keep learning and growing, individually and as a whole.

Suggested Community Interest Projects, which members can become involved in, are as follows. Note that while some CIPs are as yet inactive, we are confident that as we grow, there will be able and willing participants for all of these CIPs, and other CIPs, soon.

Growing Food & Permaculture

With deliberate food shortages across the world, growing our own food, even in small spaces, and becoming food self-sufficient may possibly be the most important skill for survival.

Natural Health

We know that big pharma and mainstream medicine are all about profits and illness, not healing or health. We need to increase our knowledge and use of natural health concepts and remedies for optimum wellness.

Gold, Silver & Investments

The WEF’s Great Reset and Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are being rolled out, whether we like it or not. Physical investments like gold or silver which we could trade physically may help us survive in this ‘own nothing and be happy’ future.

Remedies – Debts, Fines & Court Issues

Exploring and using common law and other remedies, including NOCAs and trusts, to challenge financial and legal issues and stand in our own power.

Home Education

Increasingly we know we cannot trust governments to educate and look after our children, hence taking them out of school is sometimes the only way for them to be safe, healthy and happy.

Eco-building, Making, Fixing, Inventing

Not only is it important for us to get back to basics and be able to make and fix things ourselves, but we may need to do this as an essential survival skill in the near furture.

Prepping & Self-Defence

We need to be prepared for the possibility of deliberate power outages, breakdown of infrastructure and transport, and some sort of apocalyptic future. Knowing the basics of how to survive in this scenario is key.