Community Interest Projects

We plan to be both knowledge- and action-oriented, and keep moving forward, for the benefit of our communities and nation. That’s why we encourage members of our nation to join one of our Community Interest Project (CIP) groups, or set up a new one, around their time, skills and knowledge, in order for us to research and develop all aspects of self-sufficient communities, with the aim of eventually creating and living within these communities.

Some CIPs may be more knowledge-oriented, involving information/researching/writing/learning/teaching; while others may be more action-oriented, involving doing/making/growing/building/demonstrating.

We envisage that these project groups will regularly report back and/or present findings and developments to the rest of us, preferably in person, so we all stay informed and keep learning and growing, individually and as a whole.

Suggested Community Interest Projects, which members can become involved in, are as follows. Note that while some CIPs are as yet inactive, we are confident that as we grow, there will be able and willing participants for all of these CIPs, and other CIPs, soon.