Our Constitution

We, the founders and members of Drunemeton Micro-Nation of Indigenous Peoples, hereinafter known as ‘we’;

  1. Recognising that all human beings have the inalienable right to self-determine all aspects of their lives and those of their children, their extended families, their communities, their social groups, their affiliations, and their nations;
  2. Acknowledging that this includes the inalienable rights to free and clean food, water and energy; clothing and housing/property; bodily autonomy and medical treatments of their choosing; education, learning and freedom of thought and expression; friendships and memberships of social or other groups of their choosing; travel within and across borders; fairness and justice in response to wrongdoing; safety and security; and the right to defend themselves and their families/communities from harm or attack;
  3. Respecting that there are numerous important declarations, conventions, treaties and decrees which are precedent and particularly relevant, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights [1948] and the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples [2007];
  4. Convinced – whilst acknowledging that some indigenous communities have suffered historically due to colonisation, discrimination and/or wars waged against them – that all human beings are indigenous peoples of planet Earth; and that all human beings have the right to identify as indigenous and be accorded all the rights that indigenous peoples have been accorded as per relevant declarations, conventions, treaties and decrees, including those within international law;
  5. Sentient that we have rights, as per the rights of all indigenous peoples everywhere, to pursue our own economic, political, social, cultural and spiritual development, in self-determined, relevant and practical ways, and without outside interference; and reserving our rights to adhere to and align with those statements and articles of the declarations, conventions, treaties and decrees which we feel to be right and appropriate for our unique circumstances, and the individuals and communities of our nation;
  6. Believing that no human being should be considered more important than, or be allocated certain rights and freedoms above other human beings; and that no human being can have their inalienable rights or freedoms withdrawn, except in specific cases of those who have perpetrated serious wrongdoings and/or crimes against others and who have been found to be guilty via a fair hearing;
  7. Realising that leaders of nations, communities and special purpose groups, and those with special roles overseeing important aspects of communities or nations, have additional responsibilities, not rights; and that they need to act with fairness and integrity, and with the majority support of their nation, community or group;
  8. Observing that with rights and freedom comes responsibility, and that our actions have consequences, so that we should strive to reduce harm to other human beings, animals, plants and the natural environment in all our interactions, as far as possible;
  9. Concerned that the current societal, governmental, political, economic, financial and corporate systems and paradigms – whether local, national or global – have served to increasingly enslave humanity and cause untold scarcity, harm and cruelty to the majority of human beings, other beings, and the natural environment; and noting that kinder, less harmful, more inclusive strategies, methodologies, mechanisms and/or technologies already exist, and/or can be developed for the benefit of the majority;
  10. Understanding that disease and most types of unwellness are natural mechanisms in response to conflict shocks to the brain, organs and psyche, and that live microbes are usually positive and beneficial to healing [as per the discovery known as the Biological Laws of Nature]; consequently, only natural, non-harmful and non-pharmaceutical medicines, treatments, food and ingredients that align with and support this nature-based understanding of the body, mind and disease intuitively and holistically can enable and assist healing and wellness;
  11. Emphasising that the values, principles and precepts of Natural Law – that is, the laws inherent in nature and the universe, the laws that are considered god-given, the laws that recognise the inter-connectedness of all life – precede, supersede and are superior to all man-made laws, statutes, codes, rules and policies; that Natural Law should be observed and obeyed through our principles, values, understanding, and truth; and that when we recognise the natural order and exist in harmony and balance with all nature, we are able to retain and stand in our own power;

Affirm and proclaim that we shall strive separately and together to adhere to the following values, principles and precepts in all our interactions with each other and others; and that the above- and below-mentioned provisions shall forthwith be known in totality as our Constitution:

I. We, the founders and members of Drunemeton Micro-Nation of Indigenous Peoples, pledge to uphold what we regard to be core underlying values – those of kindness, fairness and integrity – when interacting with each other and others;

II. This includes being aware that animals, plants and the natural environment have rights to life, freedom, peace and love too; and we pledge to consciously consider how our choices and actions may impact on other beings and the planet, and to reduce the negative impacts as much as possible;

III. We pledge to investigate and pursue, as far as possible, all that pertaining to our rights, including but not limited to:

~ a. our rights to establish and follow our own economic, political, social, cultural and spiritual beliefs, ideologies and practices;

~ b. our rights to develop and utilise our own indigenous and national identity, including membership protocols and official paperwork;

~ c. our rights to form and sign our own relationships, treaties and agreements with other communities, groups and nations;

~ d. our rights to create and maintain our own financial and economic policies and practices, including but not limited to exploring and developing our own currencies and trade arrangements;

~ e. our rights to develop and progress our own self-sufficient communities, resources and territories;

~ f. our rights to determine and utilise our own health policies, remedies and practices, including our rights to be exempt from and reject any and all medical interventions, procedures, treatments, prophylactics, diagnostic or other tests, medications, pharmaceutical drugs, and vaccines which are not in alignment with Natural Law and the Biological Laws of Nature;

~ g. our rights to determine and utilise our own education policies and practices; including our rights to self-educate our children in subjects and skills that we deem appropriate and necessary, without outside interference;

~ h. our rights to develop and carry out our own lawful policies and processes of ensuring safety, security and addressing wrongdoings;

IV. As such, we pledge to explore and develop solutions, as far as is practical, to enable freedom for our members and founders from the current harmful and profit-oriented economic, financial, employment, social, medical, corporate and political systems, constructs and enslavements; which have held back humanity for too long and caused damage and loss to both living and non-living components of life on Earth;

V. We pledge to share knowledge, information, experiences, resources, skills and talents with each other and others, in order to assist and support each other in developing creative, dynamic and self-sufficient communities, nations and fellowships;

VI. We pledge to value everyone’s voices, within reason, regardless of their views, affiliations or identity; because we understand that differences, quirks and ambiguities, rather than homogeny, create the most vibrant and powerful individuals and communities;

VII. We pledge to settle disagreements between individuals, families, groups or communities by encouraging communication, listening, questions and open-ness; and for those involved to seek assistance and/or mediation from others in the community should they feel it necessary; but when serious harm has been done, we pledge to ensure there are fair and proportionate interventions to assess, address and redress any wrongdoing for the victim(s), perpetrator(s) and any other affected parties.

VIII. Our Constitution shall be summarised thus: We pledge to strive to ‘do good whilst doing no harm’ in all the ways we live and interact with others.

The provisions set forth in this Constitution shall be interpreted in accordance with the principles of respect, honesty, sincerity, harmony, and love for all beings and planet Earth.

We, the founding members, hereby declare forthwith that Drunemeton Micro-Nation of Indigenous Peoples is a self-determined micro-nation of indigenous peoples.

Signed in agreement by the founding members on this day, the 5th August 2022, in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.

THIRD DRAFT – updated 29 August 2022.