Cryptocurrencies – Community Interest Project

This page presents some of the key research and developments of the Community Interest Project (CIP) group on Cryptocurrencies. Content may change, so please check back regularly.

General Information on Cryptocurrencies

Although cryptocurrency markets and concepts are being increasingly scrutenised, manipulated and subjected to regulations by those who think they’re in power, all is not lost. The reason that governments, banks and their buddies are so interested in tackling cryptocurrency, from both angles of joining us (in the form of CBDCs which are being developed), and trying to break us (by bringing in regulations and bans), is because they know that decentralised alternatives to the fiat system like cryptocurrency, which ordinary citizens can access and increasingly do, are a huge threat to their control, power and profits.

But as fast as governments and the banking cartel are exploring various implementations of their own Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and ‘digital money’, new or updated versions of various types of crypto, blockchains and associated apps are being developed and rolled out by individuals, independents and activists, which are either more private or more secure than current ones, meaning there are definitely still ways for the rest of us to access and gain wealth from cryptocurrency without interference.

This video discusses important aspects of the WEF’s ‘own nothing and be happy’ policy, as part of their Great Reset rollout, and how certain cryptocurrencies could offer a strong antidote.

Participate in a Unique Cryptocurrency Opportunity

We were investing in a crypto minting project, but have decided we are not confident with promoting it to others, so have deleted the information we had published below. Please check back from time to time, as we may have new information on suitable cryptocurrency community projects.