Review of Peace Keepers Course

No one is above the law, and all are equal under the law.

The Peace Keepers concept, including a comprehensive website with information on Equity Law, Natural Law, Statute Law and Common Law, No Obligation Challenge (NOC) Notices, and a detailed Peace Keepers online training course, was borne out of the mantra from above, but also because “keeping the peace is a duty, obligation and right of all people“.

Not everyone is necessarily armed with the knowledge they need to carry out their duties, obligations and rights as peace keepers – in fact, very few truly are – and hence the Peace Keepers training course was put together. The idea is that those who are particularly interested in upholding the rule of law, and have a desire to hold those who do wrong accountable, will choose to undergo the Peace Keepers training.

This free training course is aimed at empowering individuals to help others and their community, and ultimately humanity as a whole, but also themselves. Many who have completed the training have commented on how much more confident and prepared they feel to take on challenges they may be faced with.

From the Peace Keepers website:

“As we are all already ‘Peace Keepers’ in our own right, this course is intended to increase your knowledge and understanding where your rights come from as well as standing on them and thereby holding unlawful people to account in every part of your life, thereby increasing your self confidence and self value, and at the same time spread the knowledge through your local community to make for a more equitable (fair and just) future for all!

Peace Keepers was created to assist and give something back to your community. We want people from all backgrounds who have the desire to uphold the RULE OF LAW and hold the current system to account.”

Dale, a founder member of Drunemeton Micro-Nation, recently underwent the Peace Keepers training course, because he wanted to learn more about legal and lawful concepts in order to be better prepared to make a stand against corruption, and ultimately to enrich his knowledge and thus his ability to help others.

Dale writes:

“The Peace Keepers course goes into detail on lawful remedies using the principles of the Rules of Equity which has 4 major tenets at its heart: No one is above the law, all are equal to the law, all are innocent until proven guilty, and nothing can be done to the prejudice of the people.

The course itself is detailed, utilising videos and actual case records, with lots of written information on how the courts work (or are supposed to if true justice was applied), how to apply lawful arguments (that is, equity will not suffer a wrong without a remedy), the difference between Primary Legislation, Statute Law and Common Law, and quizzes to test your knowledge as you progress.

The course comprises 7 lessons, each with at least 10-15 modules. All in all, this course requires a lot of commitment, but you don’t need any knowledge of the law before you start, just a keen interest, as all is explained in an easy to understand way. There are plenty of links supplied to related reading material if you want to take it further and gain a deeper understanding.

Be warned, this is not a course you can complete in a few days. Everyone learns at a different rate, so it may take quite a lot of time, but once you get into it you’ll find it quite enjoyable, if this is your kind of thing. The applications of this new-found knowledge are far reaching, from council tax disputes to many other implied contracts. It may even be useful in court appearances, or in some cases as a court auditor (making sure the law is applied correctly on yourself or on behalf of others).

There are Peace Keepers forums and social media groups you can join, and once you’ve completed the training, there are opportunities to join or form a Peace Keepers group via Telegram or on the ground.”

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