Founder Members

Dale Burnby

Having gained valuable life experiences in various jobs, including as a motorcycle courier, a builder and a fire officer for London theatres, Dale much prefers working with his hands to make or fix real things, like bicycles, bushcraft items, and sometimes mechanics or DIY. He formerly participated in Viking and Medieval re-enactment, and has a keen interest in genuine history rather than mainstream narratives. He was awakened to some of the hidden truths about the world a few years after 9/11, and became involved in various activist groups, but these days he looks forward to growing vegetables, prepping activities and micro-national administration 🙂

Kathryn Newey

Kathryn has been teaching and training different groups on various topics for most of her life. She has developed skills which will come in handy in coordinating Drunemeton’s reinvention as a micro-nation, having been one of the key members of another community group, where she worked on their websites, trust administration, and cryptocurrency projects. She runs her own websites and has published four children’s novels in the environmental fiction and science fiction genres, with a range of home education resources. She loves nature and animals, and feels she is a typical Aquarian (although Aquarians prefer to think they’re unique, not ‘typical’) 🙂